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Re. Judy Molnar's note, Tryannosaur Gastroliths?... (2/17/98 3:22 AM)

    Having read your interesting and thought-provocative post this morning, about gastroliths, fermentation bags, and Hoatzin, I wonder if Hoatzin's pouch could be the source of that bird's often-reported, offensive-to-humans, odor.  Can you (or anyone else) enlighten me on the apparent source of that odor?  (Am I off the dino subject?  Not if birds are dinos. -- Oops!  Don't want to start a controversy here! :-)
    Incidentally, I read somewhere (great reference, huh?!) that crocs (or was it alligators, or both?) carry gastroliths 'for ballast'.  Not being Paul Willis or a croc expert at all, I wonder: (1), Do crocs really have gastroliths?, and; (2), Is or isn't the ballast interpretation a valid one? [Presuming the answer to question (1) is yes.]
    I like your adage, "All questions are valid; all answers are tentative", but would still appreciate even tentatively-informed comment on questions.
    Thanks,   Ray Stanford