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Re: Tyrannosaur gastoliths? and balance

On Mon, 16 Feb 1998 jamolnar@juno.com wrote:

> birds have thin-walled and bag like gizzards that act as storage places
> for indigestible parts, like teeth, claws, bones, scales, feathers, etc. 
> These parts are later coughed up in pellets and spat out by hawks, owls,
> gulls, terns, herons, swifts, goatsuckers, grouse and songbirds that eat
> highly chitinous insects.  
> {Tangentially, wouldn't it be a rip to see T. rex cough up a pellet!?
> WOW!  Better duck!}

Yeah, but it would be even cooler to find one ! :)

----Steve(HAS anybody found one of these--not necessarilt from T. rex, but
just at all?)