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Re: Dryptosaurus drawing

Dear Chris:

        Yes, the painting was by Charles Knight, and the active,
carnivorous pose was actually suggested to Knight by Edward Drinker Cope.
        Cope believed that carnivorous dinos might in fact be quite active
- an opinion shared by many paleontologist's today but not so in his time. 
Incidently, if I remember the painting accurately, I think the Dryptosaurs
are depicted with five fingered hands. The original Dryptosaurus material
is in the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, and was incomplete.

Donald Phillips
N.Y. Paleontological Society

On Mon, 16 Feb 1998, Chris Clifford wrote:

> I remember an old Charles Knight (?) drawing of two Laelaps
> (Dryptosaurus), one leaping on to another on is back. Did these animals
> posess such leaping ability? How about other dinosaurs of their size?
> Thank you in advance.
> "Zimm tells you the way it is, or else!"
> -Harry Zimm