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Re: T. REX THE HUNTER(finding cover)

    One must remember that vast forests existed thoughout much of the land
mass (yes I know that there were deserts, mountains, etc. - BUT there was an
immense amount of vegetation in the world - to feed all those herbivores).
In forested areas, it is possible to hide very large objects for long
periods of time - as an example, look at how hidden such places as Tikal,
and Ankor Waat were until tje past century.
    As to the carcass reeking, it wouldn't necessarily REEK immediately, and
there might be other odors that might have been able to mask the odor for a
sufficient peroid of time.  (Jack Horner was once asked if he would like to
travel back in time to see _Maiasaura_ nesting - He said it would be
alright, as long as he could stay inside the time machine - because he
imagines that the colony of nesting dinosaurs would smell worse than a
colony of nesting penguins - to several orders of magnitude!!!)

    (My $.02!!!)

        Allan Edels
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>WileE81@aol.com wrote:
>> Well realistically why would it be so impossible to hide the carcass
>> from another being of your size.

>And cookie jars don't REEK like a carcass would to a meat eater.
>-Bettty Cunningham