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A.A.A.S. in Philadelphi., Giganotosaurus, etc....

    This past weekend (Feb. 12th thru Feb 16th), the American Association
for the Advancement of Science (A.A.A.S) held its meeting in Phildelphia.
In response to a request from Dr. Paul Willis, I contacted him with some
information about restuarants and bars, etc.  In return , he invited myself,
and a few others from the Dinosaur list to join him as he interviewed Dr.
Peter Dodson and Ted Daeschler at the Academy of Natural Sciences.
    Besides myself, Mary Kirkaldy, Tom Lipka, and Jeff Hecht (Boston
Correspondent for New Scientist) were on hand as Paul interviewed Peter
Dodson about _Giganotosaurus_ (in front of the _Giganotosaurus_ that is
currently climbing over the membership desk in the main entry hall of the
Academy) for his (Paul's) radio listeners.
    We then took a tour of the progress of the work on Academy's newest
revision of Dinosaur Hall (supposed to open March 13th).
    Ted Daeschler took us up to the Vertebrate Paleontology labs, where Paul
then interviewed Ted about "fish fingers"  (Concerning a 370 million year
old lobe-finned fish, that has what seem to be 8 finger-like bones in one of
the lobes).
    Jeff had to leave, but the rest of us went out for lunch at a local
micro-brew pub.  (I believe Paul tasted 3 different beers - for a total of 4
or five beers - the others had considerbly less).
    It was suggested that we start rumors about Paul and Mary (who actually
did go to the Hard Rock Cafe the night before).
    Paul and Mary and Tom took a variety of photographs - several of which
may find its way to a web site for perusal by other members of the Dinosaur

    Allan Edels