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Re: Dryptosaurus drawing

    The painting is indeed a Charles Knight work and is based upon a
sculpture that he built.  He built the sculpture based on discussions with
Edward Drinker Cope who originally named the animal Laelaps (His arch-rival
O. C. Marsh correctly renamed the animal to _Dryptosaurus_).  Cope believed
that most dinosaurs were very active creatures.  I'm not sure that everyone
today would agree that _Dryptosaurus_ would be quite that active.  (I
personally don't think they were that active).

    As an aside, I have seen a copy of the sculpture and each "Laelaps" is
around 18" long (less than .5 meters).  Knight created the sculpture, and
would then take it outside on the sidewalk and paint the picture with all
the natural light and shadows.

    Allan Edels

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Date: Tuesday, February 17, 1998 3:31 AM
Subject: Dryptosaurus drawing

I remember an old Charles Knight (?) drawing of two Laelaps
(Dryptosaurus), one leaping on to another on is back. Did these animals
posess such leaping ability? How about other dinosaurs of their size?
Thank you in advance.