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Re: T. REX THE HUNTER(finding cover)

Betty wrote:

<If you put the cookie jar on a shelf over your head, it doesn't mean
Junior won't know where to look for it. And cookie jars don't REEK like 
a carcass would to a meat eater.>
In a message dated 98-02-18 02:30:25 EST, you write:

<< And that's how it was unlikely a rex would hide anything that big and 
 smelly from a creature with olfactory bulbs the size of golf balls.
 Jaime A. Headden >>

I definetly agree with both scenarios     but
It seems that you may have mistaken my point, It wasnt whether or not a Trex 
would have hidden an animal that size. I simply stated in arguement to a
posting that It was POSSIBLE to hide "from view" an animal the size of an
edmontosaur or for a live animal to hide itself for that matter. 
(> >Or: how, exactly, does one "find cover" for a five ton carcass?)
 I was arguing a point that had to do more with to human error to assume that
the perception of scale from the veipoint of one 5 ton animal to another was
the same as the perception of an average human to that animal. I was mainly
speaking generally  but I never said that a Rex wouldnt be able to find the
I guess I should learn to be more specific next time.