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RE: Dinosaur extinction

I think the main point illustrated by these points, is that by any standards
there were a lot of hazardous things happening in the Cretaceous.
I see no reason to single out any one potential cause and say "this did it",
when clearly there's not enough evidence to do so. 
The principle reason that I favour continental realignment, as a root cause
is that it has the potential to be a causative factor in the others (bolides

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> In my opinion, these still solve little or nothing.
> 1) Dinos froze to death. Why didn't the crocodiles? They are to big to
> hide
> and they do (as far as I know) not hibernate. They are extremely
> temperature dependent (pardon my spelling), and only get female offspring
> in cold weather. If they managed to survive at the time because they found
> a way out, why have thy lost that ability?
> 2)Same problem, besides I sincerely doubt that vulcanoes errupting was a
> new thing in the K/T period.
> 3)Memory might serve me wrong, but I thought that pangea only was a
> jurassic phenomenon. However, it explains that some areas got cold, but
> others must have remained warm, ad why did they die?
> 4) Changes always happen. I doubt that no dino could adapt.
> Sad about that religous part. I think many people forget that we do not
> deal with absolute facts here. Sounds like Thomas Kuhn has got a point...