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Re: Dinosaur extinction

In a message dated 98-02-18 02:31:07 EST, v-jclav@microsoft.com writes:

<< Dinosaur extinction is one of the most interesting parts of dinosaur study
 (IMO), but a problem with it is that many people have deeply entrenched
 views, so it can become more like a religious debate than a scientific one.

The biggest problem with extinction theories is that they simply cannot be
confirmed. One cannot run an experiment with control groups and so forth, so
one is left with "maybe this" and "maybe that." Discussions of extinction
typically generate lists of possible causes and attempt to assign some kind of
probability to each (as, for example, you did in your post). Every so often
someone dreams up another possible cause to add to the list, which generates a
flurry of papers and so forth. But in the end, we come up against the same
wall. Might as well save your breath.