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On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Brian Franczak wrote:

> Thomas Holtz's comment about "toothlessness in Late K ornithomimids
> vs.toothy Early K ornithomimosaurs" raised an interesting question. The
> latest issue of the children's magazine RANGER RICK has a brief article
> about _Shuvosaurus inexpectatus_, accompanied by a very beautiful (if
> speculative, due to the paucity of material) illustration of the animal by
> Donna Braginetz. The skull can be seen in a photograph of Sankar Chatterjee
> and his son Shuvo, and it appears to be a very advanced, apparently
> toothless ornithomimid skull. Yet Chatterjee claims that the fossil is 225
> million years old. Anyone know anything more about this than I gleaned from
> that pinnacle of scientific texts RANGER RICK?

I've heard that it's a pseudosuchian of some sort.

Finding an advanced ornithomimosaur from the Triassic would be like
finding hominid remains in the Late Cretaceous...

--T. Mike Keesey
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