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Re: "plumed" serpents (LONG)

Ralph Miller III wrote:
>Paolo Uccello painted _Saint George and the Dragon_ in 1460.

Yes, that's the painting I had in mind. The similarity with the modern
notion of theropod image is striking (in spite of the curled tail and
bat-like wings), and I can hardly believe the beast is exclusively the fruit
of painter's imagination.

>the dragon depicted in the 16th century Lindwurm Monument in
Klagenfurt,Austria was "based on the skull of an ice age woolly rhinoceros
which had been found in 1335 near the town, and (was) taken to be the skull
of a dragon that lived nearby."

True. And the symbol dragon (mascot) of the city Ljubljana was sculpted
after a Coelodonta scull - the shape of the head is obvious.

Berislav Krzic
Beri's Dinosaur World
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