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Re: Was Seismosaurus scared of mice?

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Doug Lewis wrote:

>         I always hear about these super sauropods like Ultrasauros
> (interesting name), Seismosaurus, etc, well, I was just curious, were
> there  any predators that could kill them, to keep their population in
> check? Or was that entirely dependent on viruses, food shortages, etc.?

Perhaps something like _Allosaurus (Epanterias, Saurophagus) amplexus_.
On other continents we have _Carcharodontosaurus_ and _Giganotosaurus_.
If it is accepted that the "smaller" allosaurs hunted in groups to bring
down _Apatosaurus_ sized animals (juveniles?), it should not be too hard
to accept some of these giants doing the same to teh _Ultrasauros_ or
_Seismosaurus_, or _Argentiosaurus_.  Maybe there were giant forms
attacking the giant sauropods.  Today, lions will tackle
adult giraffes on occasion and (very, VERY rarely) elephant infants.
Maybe something like this?  

Please critique this idea.