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Carnosaur skulls

Now, here's some sketches I made of the skulls of *Cryolophosaurus* and 
*Monolophosaurus*, if anyone's interested. There's a hefty amount of 
bytes here for a simple message, though, 59k for both pics, so be wary! 

The Cryo skull is restored as I believe it was longer than the original 
illustration, and I've drawn such characters as the teeth and maxillary 
fenestra as based on Mono and other primitive carnosaurs like 
*Piatnitzkysaurus*. The original figure, being a line sketch, also 
ommits the surface features of the bones, so I've taken some liberties 
here, but are based on the crested nasals. I've also added sclerotic 
rings to both as based on the morphology of the orbit and how it would 
hold such a ring. Scale is not given, as I don't know the lengths.

Mike? If you get these, could you post these to your site?

Comments are welcome,

Jaime A. Headden

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