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Re: T. REX THE HUNTER(finding cover)

In a message dated 98-02-19 03:17:35 EST, you write:

<< Look at the shear
 numbers of carnivores and scavengers at the La Brea pits.  Many of which
 had the most sensitive olfactory lobes anywhere on the planet (known to
 science today that is).  One assumes they were there because they
 smelled dinner over the tar smell. >>

Yes but they also could have "heard" a possible dinner entree shrieking in
protest to its new found resting plsce. And while coming out of cover faintly
smelled a mixture of dinner and tar which at first they were confused by. but
hearing the shreiks again were convinced that something was amiss a short
distance away. They knew one thing though,  from the countless hunting
expeditions that they have both witnessed and taken part in, the sounds most
unmisakably spelled out DINNER.
But as possible and plausible all of this may be, unless we find the insight
and the ability to achieve the unachievable, we will never know for sure.