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RE: Dinosaur extinction

I recently attended a lecture by Keith Rigby at the Smithsonian NMNH: "Dinosaur 
Extinction: Disproving the Asteroid Theory".  Interesting photographs of 
dinosaur egg nests which he claimed were found in strata several million years 
into the Tertiary.  Much more evidence involving amber-trapped gases, magnetic 
paleogeology, graphs of extinction, declining numbers of embryos in eggs, etc. 
 He does not refute that Alvarez's asteroid impacted the Earth, only that it 
caused mass dinosaur extinction at the K/T boundary.

Makes one think that Raup's "Gambler's Ruin" theory is most likely.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I'm new, and eschew listserv archives.
Curtis Olson
Hamilton VA

"The main point is that life is 3.5 billion years old, and we got here 
yesterday, geologically speaking.  How can a process that's been going on for 
that long in ignorance of us contain moral messages for our lives?  It can't."
        - Stephen Jay Gould