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RE: True Predator

U. Colo. herpetologists Hobart Smith and David Chisar demonstrated empirically 
that snakes of virtually any genus show a preference to previously frozen mice 
over freshly killed mice.  They theorized that due to rupturing of the cell 
membranes by ice crystals, the food would be easier to digest (actually 
somewhat pre-digested), and the snakes could smell the difference.  Many snake 
venoms work in a similar way.

Snakes will definitely eat dead food.

I'm sorry if this was previously mentioned, but the biggest extant herptiles, 
Komodo dragons, are famous for scavenging (and killing).  Maybe T. rex also had 
a mouth packed with potent bacteria?
Curtis Olson
Hamilton VA

"The main point is that life is 3.5 billion years old, and we got here 
yesterday, geologically speaking.  How can a process that's been going on for 
that long in ignorance of us contain moral messages for our lives?  It can't."
        - Stephen Jay Gould