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Re: "eleven year old POTENTIAL paleontologist" who likes the British spelling and questions the 'wisdom' of the LOST WORLD movie

of course, once the Mmemenchisaurus realized something was under it, it
probably would raise each leg in turn in order to identify the source of
the stimulus, and this may aid in the foot placement, and thus the
passage through..

-Betty Cunningahm

Ray Stanford wrote:

> >    O.K., to what you really wanted to know:  A biker's journey as
> described would be might fool-hardy, if not impossible!  One of 
> >several reasons why is that, although sauropods like 
> >Mamenchisaurus may look (as seen from the SIDE big enough for 
> >this be done, if the animal were standing still or slowly walking
> > (I don't recall the movie scene precisely), the  legs would
> >probably be too close together to permit this.