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Re: "plumed" serpents

>jhecht@world.std.com wrote:
>> It would be interesting to see if any medieval catalogs
of wonders listed
>> any stone "dragons" or similar beasts.

Mark O'Leary:

>I beleive that there is a collection of medievally-found
fossils at the
>|V|atican, since in those times many such curiosities were
sent to the Pope...

Hmm... Medieval... Fossil... Pope... Birds of a feather
flocking together?

While it is interesting to ponder the possible connections
of mythical beasts and fossils, I would like to know if
dragons still exists as "live" myths. Do people still
believe in their actual physical existence? If so, what role
do dragons play in their lives? For instance, do people in
China still perform dragon dances as actual fertility rites?

On a related note: do Biblical literalists believe in the
existence-as-fact of the dragon of the Book of Revelations?
Do they point to fossils as a "proof" of this belief?


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