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New DIG Dino Contest

Since nobody won the last contest (shame on all of you!), we have
started a new one. Number 3 to be exact.

"Who should own Fossils? Why?" 

Prize - "I Dig Dinosaurs - T. rex Excavation Kit!" It weighs a ton and
you can make a real mess when you play with it! From Earth-lore Ltd.,

50 words or less! (not 51,okay?) English only (sorry). Clarity, logic
important! Include Name, Age, City, State, Country. E-mail to: 
                         Contest ends March 31, 1998 

Get out those pens and pencils and typewriters and computers and high
tech dictation software and get to it!  Acutally, we'd like someone to
win this because it is big and heavy and we're tempted to play with it
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