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Japanese dinosaur website revised!

Hello folks,

We've added some nice staffs (see below) to our website (The Nakasato
Village Dinosaur Kingdom).
Check out;

* 'The Nakasato Virtual Museum'
This on-line museum provides QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) object
interactive movies of our collections. Three Mongolian dinosaur skulls
(Ingenia, Velociraptor, Saurornithoides) are featured. Try to download and
manipulate (rotate or turn over) those skulls to have variable views of
them which may be difficult to have in the actual museum.

* 'Replica --Making a reference specimen'
This illustrates how molding and casting of Mongolian dinos which have been
displayed in the Nakasato Dinosaur Center were performed there. Replication
of 'the fighting dinosaurs' is now under progress and also hope to share
this great event with you soon.

Please drop by and let us know what you think.

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