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Re: Crocodile Predation

On Thu, 19 Feb 1998, Rob Meyerson wrote:

> My point is that crocs are actually fearsome and highly effective
> predators in the fluvial environments where they live, using the nuances
> of the environment to give them an advantage over their potential prey.

>...IMHO, Rex also could've used the nuances of it's environment to give
> it an advantage over it's prey.

> Comments or rebuttals?

I agree that crocs have habitat-specific advantage over terrestrial
species.  But this is due to its specialized body plan and its
adaptations to the semi-aquatic environment. Relying on its
ability to first surprise the prey by lunging out of the water, then
dragging it back, and finally, rotating its body to tear of chunks of
flesh and maybe holding it under to drown it, the croc's skills should be
seen relative to its terrestrial prey.  It's hard to imagine such skill
differentials existing between a terrestrial herbivore and its terrestrial
I would be interested to hear what "environmental nuances" a Rex
could have over its terrestrial prey.