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Dinosaur Fact / "Dragon" Myth Connection was Re: "Dragons?" "Plumed Serpents"

Mr. Edels has, indeed, made the point succintly: (quoted below)

One one hand we have "myths" and, in some cases, "legends" (aural and
visual representations)that bear an astonishing VISUAL or ANECDOTAL
resemblance to what we in the 20th Century have come to regard as

On the other hand we have (or don't have as the case may be) PHYSICAL
REMAINS which do or don't link up with the myths.

It is one thing to recount the myths -- which _are_ fascinating, but it
is another thing to derive any genuine paleo "data" from them. As Tom
Holtz pointed out, the Chinese bones are, largely, not "dinosaur" in
origin (which may or may not account for the visual representations that
the Chinese concocted for the supposed animal(s) that they came from.

My recollection is that both the Chinese physical remains and also
Amerind discoveries of paleo specimens are clearly documented (though,
regretfully I can't recall the references any more -- does anyone on the
list know them?), but there is NO similar documentation for European or
any other remains being linked specifically to a myth.


Allan Edels wrote:
> (SNIP!!! everything!!!)
>     Chinese people have long dug up bones and teeth that they have called
> dragon bones.  Some of these bones, etc. are dinosaur material, and some are
> other fossils, such as _Gigantopithicus_....  Dragons for the Chinese are
> mystical, magical creatures - who also, for some, were considered real.
> When asked, Chinese apothecaries could say they got their dragon bones from
> a specific source.
>     In other words - dragon bones were always associated with fossils found
> in China, but fossils found in Solnhofen have NOT had a historical
> association with dragons in Europe...
>     Allan Edels

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