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Re: A.A.A.S. in Philadelphi., Giganotosaurus, etc....

> Jeff had to leave, but the rest of us went out for lunch at a local
>  micro-brew pub.  (I believe Paul tasted 3 different beers - for a total of
>  or five beers - the others had considerbly less).

Tasted! That's a pretty mild way of putting it! I drink rather fast but was no
match for Paul!  I had 3 but this was just lunch! We still had dinner and
other opportunities to sample various other brewskis! 

>      It was suggested that we start rumors about Paul and Mary (who actually
>  did go to the Hard Rock Cafe the night before).
And also the evening I was there too! When Paul returns to the list ask him
about the "hand pulled pig"! Goes good with the beer. 

Ah yes! Theeeese two! Looks like a trans -hemispheric relationship has emerged

In all seriousness though.  I had a great time there. It went by too fast.
Sorry Allan and Jeff had to leave but Paul, Mary and I made up for that. who's
up for Dinofest?