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question on Dakota sandstone


I'm in a small discussion group that includes a minority 
of strict creationists.  Recently one has made claims about 
some supposedly "out of place" bones in the Dakota Sandstone 
of Utah.  I am not very well aquainted with that formation,
although I know of some dinosaur tracksites in it.  Without 
getting into the details of the creationists' claims, I'm 
wondering if someone could briefly answer any of the following 
questions--off list would be fine.  I don't want to appear 
lazy (I know I could look them up) but we're kinda in 
the middle of the debate now, and I thought someone might 
be able to answer them from the top of his or her head.

1.  How common are any bones in the Dakota Sandstone 
formation?  Are any dinosaur or mammal bones known from 
it?  (any references would be great).

2.  Are any any bones in the formation stained green 
or replaced with malachite (a copper based green 
mineral)?  Is that common in the formation?

3.  I know the Dakota Fm is lower Cretaceous, but is 
is below the Aptian-Albian boundary?  The creationist said 
it is reported to be "150 my" by "evolutionists."  I know 
that's too old an age, but does anyone have a good figure?  

Thanks very much.

Glen Kuban