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Re: A.A.A.S. in Philadelphi., Giganotosaurus, etc....

Just when I thought it was safe to leave the list for a few weeks!

>> Jeff had to leave, but the rest of us went out for lunch at a local
>>  micro-brew pub.  (I believe Paul tasted 3 different beers - for a total of
>>  or five beers - the others had considerbly less).
>Tasted! That's a pretty mild way of putting it! I drink rather fast but was no
>match for Paul!  I had 3 but this was just lunch! We still had dinner and
>other opportunities to sample various other brewskis!

OK, so I was feeling a little off colour that day and couldn't put in my
usual performance.

>>      It was suggested that we start rumors about Paul and Mary (who actually
>>  did go to the Hard Rock Cafe the night before).

Damn, there goes our reputations even further!

>And also the evening I was there too! When Paul returns to the list ask him
>about the "hand pulled pig"! Goes good with the beer.

Hey, that's what it said on the menu but I'm not sure I would want to eat
it if that's what they do with their tucker!

>Ah yes! Theeeese two! Looks like a trans -hemispheric relationship has emerged

Me? Us? Whom? While in this country, I'll take the fifth.

>In all seriousness though.  I had a great time there. It went by too fast.
>Sorry Allan and Jeff had to leave but Paul, Mary and I made up for that. who's
>up for Dinofest?

I'ld love to but i've already killed my travel budget for the year. It was
great to put faces to names that I have heard so much about and thanks to
Mary, Tom, Allan and all for making the effort and having fun in Philly.

Right now I'm with Chris in Chicago playing with Sue. She is a wonderful
beast but it will be good to get home and out of the sub-artic conditions!

Cop you all later!

Christopher Brochu

Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Department of Geology
Field Museum of Natural History
Lake Shore Drive at Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL  60605  USA