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        Darn this all to heck! Will everyone just get OFF Chatterjee's case?

T. Mike Keesey wrote:
>Perhaps my memory is faulty, but didn't Chatterjee also identify some
>Triassic rauisuchian as an early tyrannosaurid? What's his deal??

        His deal is that he is a vertebrate paleontologist with a bona-fide
PhD, years of experience in vertebrate paleontology, a fantastic record of
rolling back the mysteries of the fossil record in such faraway places as
central Asia, India, and Texas. He is a student of Edwin H. Colbert, perhaps
one of the most respected living vertebrate paleontologists, and shows a
depth and breadth of interest which marks him as one of the most
well-rounded members of the already exceptional vert. paleo. community.

        So what's your deal?

O.K. On a lighter and less obnoxious note: let's all remember that the
Dinosaur Rennaissance [sic?, darnit!] has only been in full swing for a few
decades. If you start looking back through papers from, oh, say, the
mid-'80s when the paper Mike mentions was published, there were still people
who followed the old-school "polyphyletic dinosaurs" approach. Cladistics
was not too well ingrained at that point. Chatterjee's paper on the poposaur
_Postosuchus_ may well be one of the last papers of that bygone era. I think
you will find that his latest work shows he no longer subscribes to that
particular theory.
        No one ever said scientists have to be right all the time.

        P.S. Look at _Postosuchus_ sometime. It is extraordinarily similar
to a theropod, especially given its (currently ascribed) phylogenetic position.


        I am very tired of writing in every month asking someone (in
increasingly less friendly tones) to treat this man with the same respect
accorded to (most) other dinosaur paleontologists. Sure, you may not agree
with his theories (I may not either), but that is no excuse for being
downright rude!
        I am especially tired of this, because I do not enjoy having my name
being constantly associated with Dr. Chatterjee's on this list. I have great
respect for Dr. Chatterjee and I am very impressed by his work, but I'd like
to be known for my views and ideas, not for defending someone else (and
perhaps by association, and wrongly so I should add, his views).

        Thank you,
    Jonathan R. Wagner, Dept. of Geosciences, TTU, Lubbock, TX 79409-1053
"Cladism is to evolution what agnosticism is to the existance of god"-Horner