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Re: Birds and mosasaurs

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From: Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. <th81@umail.umd.edu>
Date: 21 February 1998 08:19
Subject: Re: Birds and mosasaurs [Rather long and theoretical]

>As stated plenty of times, Late K members of the various theropod groups
>NOT more "birdy" than their Early Cretaceous members.  There isn't a trend
>towards more birdlike features *within* Oviraptorosauria or
>Ornithomimosauria or Troodontidae or Dromaeosauridae over time (with the
>exception of a very few features previously mentioned, such as the loss of
>teeth within ornithomimids).  What there is is a difference in the amount
>birdlike features between these groups.

It's handy there being no trend *within* groups; an increase in birdlike
features amongst medium to large flightless forms would not fit in with the
features being acquired in small tree-living forms, some would say.