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On the subject of natural selection...

I've tried to ride this out, but it seems to me it's getting out of
hand, so I've got to say something...  Those of you participating in
the thread defending evolution please step lightly.  According to the
rules of the list I'm in a good position to to send a few of you into
the corner for violating the "no creationism" policy.  Those of you
who don't know what I'm talking about please go to:



I've also been a bit disappointed by some of the defense.  The
peppered moth story is nowhere near as cut and dried as urban legend
would have it.  There's precious little evidence that the moths suffer
greater predation rates in one morph vs. the other (birds apparently
don't much like to eat them, and they generally don't hang out on tree
trunks unless glued to them) and apparently there is also evidence
that the darker moths appeared as a direct consequence of industrial
pollution (as opposed to an indirect consequence via natural
selection).  Furthermore I hope no one here believes what they've read
in this forum about introns and exons -- it seems to me that most of
what's been written here of late was written by people that don't know
what an intron is.  Let's try to stick to the subject of dinosaurs
(or at least paleontology) where we seem to have a bit more expertise.


Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)