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Re: Antarctic Hadrosaur

In a message dated 98-02-23 01:00:18 EST, jhecht@world.std.com writes:

<< "This is the first duck-billed dinosaur to be found outside
 the Americas," said Mike Woodburne, University of California
 Riverside paleontologist who is part of the project.  "This gives
 us more support for the idea of a land bridge between South
 America and Antarctica at that time." The land bridge was used
 not only by dinosaurs but probably also by marsupial mammals
 dispersing from the Americas to Australia via Antarctica. >>

Woops. Let's not forget the European hadrosaurs, such as _Telmatosaurus_. Or
the numerous Mongolian forms. And just so we can't substitute "Eurasia" for
"Americas," let's not forget the South American hadrosaurs _"Kritosaurus"
australis_ and _Secernosaurus koerneri_.