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Re: Antarctic Hadrosaur

Jeff Hecht asked:

>                                                                  ...What
>were Hadrosaurs doing in Antarctica in the Late Cretaceous, which at the
>time was pretty much was where is is now? As the release says, there
>probably was some sort of land bridge.

One of the reasons Antarctica is now so cold is its circumpolar current.  
Water flows continuously eastwards around it without mixing with warmer water.  
Before South America and Australia split from Antarctica there was a different 
pattern of currents, with tropical water flowing south.  The seas around 
Antarctica were never below 10 degrees C, and so the periphery of the 
continent (which is where the fossils were found) would have been much warmer 
than it is now.  But still cold in wintertime.

Incidentally, when my atlas was published, the peninsula was part of the 
British Antarctic territory but also claimed by both Argentina and Chile.  
Posession being 9/10 of the law, I expect the fossil will go to Argentina.