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Regarding _Ornithodesmus_ Seeley, 1887 - a genus first named for the
theropod sacrum BMNH R187, then later thought to be pterosaurian 
because of referral of the complete pterosaur skeleton BMNH R176 
(type of _O. latidens_ Seeley, 1901) to the same genus - George 

> The type species of the genus is based on 
> probable troodontid and certainly small theropod material (dorsal & 
> sacral vertebrae or some such),

As I noted in the previous message I wrote on this subject, it is by 
means certain that BMNH R187 is from a troodontid. Howse and Milner 
(1993), who made this now famous allocation, did not compare BMNH 
R187 widely to other theropod sacra, and many/all of the features 
they used to support a troodontid affinity for BMNH R187 are seen in 
certain other theropods. Also, a Canadian troodontid sacrum they used 
for comparison is not, actually, from a troodontid. More details in 
Pete Makovicky's thesis and in up-and-coming work.

> The pterosaur will be placed 
> in its own genus, probably new, in due time.

More likely (from what I've heard), BMNH R176 - the pterosaur - will 
be made the new type for the genus _Ornithodesmus_. After all, this 
name is well established for this animal. Do you know otherwise 

"Perhaps you think you are being treated unfairly?"