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Re: Cladistics (was Sci. Am. - present)

In a message dated 98-02-24 04:35:21 EST, se1aard@itis.com writes (quoting

<< >Perhaps
 >what cladists should be doing is amassing a gigantic Ultimate Character
 >that contains all known states of all known characters, run one Giant
 >Cladistic Analysis to generate the one Ultimate True Phylogeny, and declare
 >their work finished. Sort of like the Human Genome Project.
 Same problem involved with making a Universal Species Database, reading
 genetic sequences for entire sets of chromosomes, or forcasting the weather
 as accurately as we know how to produce algorthms for.  In the latter case
 for example, an almost totally accurate 24-hour forecast can be made, but
 it takes more than 24 hours to process the data.  We'll have to wait, I
 think, for one more order-of-magnitude jump in computing technology before
 we can do things like this. >>

I was being facetious--and here you're telling me it's merely a technical