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Re: New feathered dinosaur

I wrote:
>From _Science News_, February 7, 1998, volume 153, page 95:
>"Chinese scientists have quietly discussed yet another species of dinosaur
>that apparently bears incontrovertible evidence of feathers along its
> Paleontologists expect to report details of this find soon."

Ronald I. Orenstein wrote:
> > Could this be Protarchaeopteryx?

No.  The news brief I quote primarily concerns the _Sinosauropteryx_ paper 
(January 8th _Nature_ magazine), and mentions both _Sinosauropteryx_ and
_Protarchaeopteryx_ by name.  So the above quote refers to "yet another
species" which is neither _Sinosauropteryx_ nor _Protarchaeopteryx_.  I
only quoted a snippet from the brief, but even in its entirety it is only a
short summary of the cited _Nature_ article, and provides no further
information on the mystery dinosaur.

The _Science News_ article, _'Feathered dinosaur makes debut_, is
attributed to "R.M.," who would be Richard Monastersky, I presume. 
Dinogeorge has alluded to a new feathered dinosaur, but the information is

Alan H. Brush, Philip J. Currie, Mary Higby Schweitzer, JI Qiang and JI
Shu'an will all touch on the subject of dinosaur feathers or protofeathers
at the Dinofest Symposium, so _perhaps_ one of these speakers will mention
the new species.

Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>