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Internship leads?

My name is Carolyn Staehle; I am a graduate student completing my coursework
in Science Illustration at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  My
classes end in June, and an internship is my final requirement prior to
graduation from the program.  My hope is to specialize in paleontological

I have been a member of the dinosaur mailing list over the past year and am
submitting this post in the hopes of gathering potential internship
information from the myriad professionals on these lists.  I would be happy to
send portfolios, resumes, and letters of recommendation from professors and
employers to anyone who might be interested in seeing my work.  Any input,
advice, or leads would be greatly appreciated.

I don't want to clutter the message strings excessively, and I hope that this
request is in accordance with mailing list etiquette.  If anyone would like to
respond, please contact me at:  Scendan@aol.com.

Thank you, everyone, for your assistance!
Carolyn Staehle