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Re: Utility of Scavenger vs. Predator Argument

On Feb. 24, Jack Conrad wrote:
>Lions will kill a giraffe weighing more than a ton, even kill adult males on
occasion, You're right though, the tendancy is always to go after the weak and
the young.            >This may be true, but the large animals are taken down
by the females of the pride. These females are a well organized unit governed
by an alpha female. If we are viewing T-Rex as a hunter, and if he/she has to
take down prey much larger than its'self, say a bull Apatosaur, which I'm sure
would have defended its'self vicously, then I could see T-Rex as a pack
hunter..or hunting with a mate.                                   >As for
scavenger, it is fact that lions will scavenge food from other preditors , for
example..the hyena, and the hyena will hunt for prey when it cannot scavenge.
Personally, I see T-Rex as both a hunter AND a scavenger..whether they hunted
in packs or were solitary is an enigma.          Kay Petersen