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At 02:36 PM 2/24/98 GMT, Darren wrote:

>> The skull of Cryolophosaurus is pretty puzzling as currently 
>> described, particularly the squamosal-postorbital-jugal contact 
>> (which, in all right-thinking theropods, do NOT form a single 
>> contact in the middle of the infratemporal fenestra!!).  
>Tom, what on Earth is a 'right-thinking theropod'?

Any one that doesn't have the squamosal and postorbital and jugal all suture
together in the middle of the infratemporal fenestra...

>I am still utterly 
>confused by the cryolophosaur skull, and with such a poor, 
>preliminary description to go on (Hammer and Hickerson 1994), we are 
>all in the dark. Someone should get hold of the thing and 
>describe it properly - 

I have heard that that paper has been in the works for some time, but I
don't know when and where it will come out.

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