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Re: True cladograms & Black swans

In a message dated 98-02-25 11:55:19 EST, th81@umail.umd.edu writes:

<<  PLEASE go back the archives: Brochu & others have posted references for
 various papers on exactly this topic for time to time.  Or, stop by and look
 through the last several volumes or twenty of Systematic Biology/Zoology,
 Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Cladistics, etc. >>

I have now read several papers on the subject of verifying cladograms, and
they all seem to agree that there is an irreducible fraction--about 15-20%--of
cladograms that, despite best efforts and perfectly correct analysis, turn out
incorrect, that is, do not match the control phylogeny. Long branch
convergence is one way that may give rise to incorrect cladograms; so is
choice of representative species. The problem that worries me is how to
identify and fix those 15-20%. There doesn't seem to be a handle on that yet.

I've done my share of looking through cladistics journals, but it is like
hunting for a needle in a haystack full of crustacean and insect studies to
find papers on the issues I'm interested in.