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Re: Cladistics (was Sci. Am. - present)

In a message dated 98-02-25 14:03:38 EST, ashapli@erols.com writes:

<< > This sounds like something parroted out of a philosophy textbook.
 I've never read a philosophy textbook in my life.  All of my view were
developed by ME, 
 from my own experiences and thoughts.  Your comment sounds a bit insulting.
I have 
 great respect for your posts on this list, but if you assume that anyone who
sees things 
 diferently from you must be mindlessly parroting someone else then you lose a
good deal 
 of that respect. >>

Sorry. I said that it >sounds like< you were parroting, not that you >were<
parroting. Parrots are dinosaurs, as we all know. That will help to keep this
discussion on the topic of dinosaurs...