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>As I noted in the previous message I wrote on this subject, it is by 
>means certain that BMNH R187 is from a troodontid. Howse and Milner 
>(1993), who made this now famous allocation, did not compare BMNH 
>R187 widely to other theropod sacra, and many/all of the features 
>they used to support a troodontid affinity for BMNH R187 are seen in 
>certain other theropods. Also, a Canadian troodontid sacrum they used 
>for comparison is not, actually, from a troodontid. More details in 
>Pete Makovicky's thesis and in up-and-coming work.

     Also check out:

 Important Features of the Dromaeosaur Skeleton:
Information from a New Specimen. 
M.A.Norell and P.J. Makovicky
American Museum Novitates December 31, 1997. No. 3215.

 They give out a little information about the identity of the 
"Orntihodesmus"   ( BMNH R187) sacrum.


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