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At 12:00 AM 2/25/98 PST, Jamie wrote:

>*Cryolophosaurus* is so early in the fossil record, possibly the first 
>true carnosaur (Eucarnosauria? with Carnosauria including that group and 
>all other basal tetanurines {megalosaurs, torvosaurs, abelisaurs, and 
>*Eustreptospondylus*} excluding Coelurosauria and spinosaurs and 
>*Bagaraatan*---however he fits in, and I've yet to see a skeleton or 
>single bone of this creature)

Carnosauria is unambiguously defined as "all taxa closer to Allosaurus than
to birds" (see Holtz & Brett-Surman's taxonomy & systematics chapter in the
Complete Dinosaur, and references cited therein).  (And the Padian,
Hutchinson & Holtz abstract at last years SVP).

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