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Re: group hunting (was Scavenger vs. Predator Argument)

Bill Adlam wrote:

> Armed with this theory I predict a strongly male-biased sex ratio in T. rex.
> And sure enough, there is.  It also explains why Sue suffered more injuries
> than males: fighting between females over the large resources of a pride of
> males would be much more serious than a squabble between closely related
> males over how many times each will mate with one female.

according to this write-up of Z rex (which is assumed to be male) at:

   The skull shows evidence of a terrible wound in life that re-healed
   apparently did not bother the beast. A hole is still seen on the
crest of the
   skull near the orbit with the bone all around the edge having healed.
   also appears to be teeth marks in the skull.

thus males AND females got T rex-inflicted ouchies.

-Betty Cunningham