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Re: "Sue" at Disney's Animal Kingdom

It is a reality of life that the private sector is necessary to provide some
level of support for paleontology.  As to this thread I am in agreement with
rdshaffer@sprintmail.com (Dick & Rita Shaffer) that if the private sector
this purchase to some degree, then they have a right to make use of it.
This use may not be theoretical science, or even science at all, but even
lacking that, it does make the average person more aware of what is 
transpiring in the field.  If all information was restricted to the scientific
it would be very difficult to obtain support for research.  Public knowledge
Dinosaurs and other past life has generated much interest in this subject.
who provide the public with answers about these fantastic creatures from our
are of paramount importance, but those who provide the funding for this
research to
go forward are also important.  Without grant money, research in any form is
likely to advance very far.  This is true of Dinosaurs and Pharmacuticals.
People who provide this funding expect some return for their investment.  With
some it's just
a tax write-off.  With others, it's cashing in on Public interest in the
field.  If this
is the price for advancement of the science and the furthering of the research
I think it is a small price to pay.

Sorry for being long winded.

Bill Hinchman