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Re: Does Baryonyx lack serrations on its teeth or not?

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From: Jarno Peschier <dinosaur@jarno.demon.nl>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 18:36:02 +0100
Subject: Does Baryonyx lack serrations on its teeth or not?

>[...] Of course, _Spinosaurus_, _Irritator_ and
>_Angaturama_ all lack serrations on their teeth: one of several
>weak characters supporting an affinity between them.

Since _Baryonyx_ is suspected by some to be related to _Spinosaurus_
and _Irritator_ (right?), does it also lack serrations on its teeth,
then? Or is this possible relation based on other characters?

[I've asked this question before, but had lots of problems with it due
to my new address. It did make it to the list at last, but I don't
think I've seen a reply yet. Maybe everyone missed it for some
reasons, so I'm just trying again. Sorry for the repost...]

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