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Re: Deinosuchus basics

Dr. Paul Willis and dinosaur list,

    Please accept this apology for allowing myself to take your and
dinosaur-list readers' time by my getting so 'bent out of shape' upon your
response to my 'possible Deinosuchus track' posting earlier in the month.
With time and reflection, it is now obvious to me that I displayed a very
childish 'crumbled cookie' response and a very guttish over-reaction.

    Hereafter, I'll listen much more attentively and respectfully to your
observations and comments (and to those of others).  One of the list persons
kindly set me straight on who you are, your in-depth background in these
matters, etc.  My regret and embarrassment are analogous to standing under
the anterior-most caudals of a adult Brachiosaurus at an unfortunate time.
[It seemed prudent to bring dinosaurs into this. ;-)]

    Here's hoping your trip was wonderful and rewarding.

    Good wishes,

    Ray Stanford