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Re: On science (phew, long)

In a message dated 98-02-27 23:42:59 EST, jrhutch@socrates.berkeley.edu

<< 1) On truth: If the pursuit of an unattainable truth is irrational, then I
 guess we might as well stop looking for fossils or cures for diseases,
 studying the stars, or never try to do anything that is difficult.  We know
 the fossil record is imperfect, yet we still keep looking.   A different
 analogy: if your goal in life was to have all the money in the world, would
 you rather have a billion bucks, or give up and have nothing? >>

The point here is that "truth" is not unattainable (contrary to what some
weirdo nitpicking philosophers may maintain) and therefore it is rational to
pursue it. Apparently this wasn't clear earlier.

To this point: a goal such as having all the money in the world is indeed
quite irrational.