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"Tim" WAS Re: ScienceScan notes

T. Mike Keesey wrote:

> Also, my full name is Timothy Michael Keesey (with a "y" -- I hate
> automatically generated login IDs!), but you can call me "Mike" (Yes, I'm
> the other Dinosaur Mailing List member who doesn't like to be called
> "Tim").

Make that three people who don't like to be called "Tim".
When I was a grad student there was this metamorphic petrology
grad down the hall who, when he wasn't trying his best to
pretend I didn't exist, would call me "Tim".  Three years later,
when he left to get his PhD, he was still calling me "Tim".
He was a strange guy, though. True to form, I recall that
he became some sort of paper-pusher in Washington, D.C.    :-)
Happy New Year to you all!