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[rfg7@cornell.edu: Request for Dino Sedimentology info from a friend]

Another crossover event (my apologies to those on VRTPaleo and/or
PaleoNet).  If you wish to respond to this one please be sure you
include a copy (or only direct your response) to CanyonWren@aol.com

-- MR

Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 19:34:38 -0800
From: "Raymond F. Gildner" <rfg7@cornell.edu>
To: Multiple recipients of list <paleonet@ucmp1.Berkeley.Edu>
Subject: Request for Dino Sedimentology info from a friend

I just received this request, and I am not comfortable answering it
"expertly." Please not that the she is not a subscriber to PaleoNet, and it
would be best if you EMailed her directly.

.. I have just (yes, last minute) been asked to teach [a course] for
spring term at a local U.  It is called "The Age of Dinosaurs" and is
supposed to be a geology for non-majors hook-em-in special.  It started out
as a soft-core historical geology of the Mesozoic, but has become
increasingly a bones only course.  I have been asked (as a sedimentologist)
to put some of the stratigraphy back into the biostratigraphy.  My question
therefore is, could you direct me to a paper or two on the subject of the
biostratigraphy of dinosaurs?  I am looking for information about the types
of sediments dino fossils are typically found in, and what other biota are
found there as well.  My thought is to put together something cogent
regarding what is preserved and why, and what is not preserved and why, so
I can put it together into a sequence stratigraphy context...

Sarah Andrews
I told her that my understanding and experience is that they are primarily
found in fluvial environments (PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong), and that I
thought the book DINOSAURS: THE TEXTBOOK had more information along these

And no wise cracks about the AOL address: I have one, too, as a
semi-permanent EMail address until soft-money is a distant memory.

Thank you PaleoNetters!

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