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[kpadian@socrates.berkeley.edu: UCMP 75th/125th: Integrative Paleontology]

Traffic has been low here lately in part because a few people with
full mailboxes have been stuffing up our pipeline as it were.  I
should be able to start checking my mail more regularly and unstuffing
it more frequently.  Of course that just means more mailboxes will get
full and there will be more stuffing in our pipeline...  As Homer
Simpson said, "Eh, what can ya do?"  Well, I'll try to stuff some
substance in with a few crossover events (sorry for the mixed
metaphor) starting with:

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 11:41:10 -0800 (PST)
From: Kevin Padian <kpadian@socrates.berkeley.edu>
To: vrtpaleo@usc.edu
Subject: UCMP 75th/125th:  Integrative Paleontology

To all our VP colleagues:

On the last week of February, our Museum is holding a conference that
we hope will be of special interest to the VP community.  It has two
functions.  First, it commemorates the 75th anniversary of the
establishment of our Museum, as well as the 125th anniversary of the
establishment of the state collections on which it was originally
based.  This is a chance to get together and celebrate a long history
that has resulted in some world-famous collections and produced many of
our leading vertebrate paleontologists.  We are looking forward to the
opportunity to reunite with friends and colleagues in an informal and
informative setting.

Second, we want to carry forward the challenge of "Paleo 21" and other
meetings that have focused on the role of paleontology in the present
and the future.  What kind of trends are we seeing in research,
funding, institutional infrastructure, student needs, jobs and careers,
and public education?  How can we adjust and anticipate needs of the

Here at Berkeley, we use the term "Integrative Paleontology" to
describe the approach of using multiple lines of evidence to solve
complex problems in the history of life.  We're interested in the
implications of paleontological information for other fields, as well
as the use of methods and data from other fields to approach
paleontological questions.  We'll explain and demonstrate this approach
in research presentations, and we've assembled some great colleagues
from other institutions to offer their perspectives and kick off

We would really like you to join us to contribute your experience,
enjoy the interactions, and take away some new ideas, information, and
outlooks that you can use Monday morning as well as years in the
future.  On behalf of Bill Clemens, Mark Goodwin, Pat Holroyd, and all
our students, staff, and curators, best wishes for the season and we
hope to see you here February 27-March 1.  Details below!

Kevin Padian

<bold>"Integrative Paleontology and the Future"

</bold>>Registration may be in person or by WWW at

>http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/museum/talks/IPFflyer.html.  Registration

>$35 before Feb. 1 and $45 thereafter.  The Saturday Evening Banquet

>Keynote Address event is $35/person, and is not included in the

>registration fee.  All events will be held in the Valley Life

>Building, UC Berkeley campus, except the Banquet and Address.




</bold>>    Evening reception and welcome; Bill Clemens will give a
talk on the Museum, past and present



</bold>>Poster Session:   Integrative Research at UCMP (students,
staff, research associates, and curators)


>Following the poster session there will be three sessions to address

><bold>teaching, research, and public outreach</bold>. Each

>session will have a brief panel-format introduction and a roundtable

>discussion with the audience. The panels

>are composed of members from the nation's leading institutions and



> <bold>Session I:

>              Teaching Integrative Paleontology


>                     Course structure: biology/geology,
interdisciplinary courses

>                     Undergraduate and graduate curriculum in

>                     Paleontology courses for non-majors

> Panel:   Patricia Kelley, Paul Olsen, Kevin Padian, Carol Tang


> <bold>Session II:

>              The Future of Paleontologic Research


>                     Integration and collaboration

>                     Fundamental research questions

>                     Research intiatives and support

>                     Preparing for the future

>Panel: Nan Crystal Arens, Doug Erwin, Karl Flessa, Chris Maples, Mike
Novacek, Scott Wing


> <bold>Session III:

>              Challenges Facing Paleontology Museums


>                     New approaches to collections-based research

>                     Public outreach and survival

>                     Issues for conservation, curation, and data

> Panel:  Warren Allmon, Lou Jacobs, Jere Lipps, Bruce McFadden,
Richard Stucky



><bold>Evening Banquet and Keynote Speaker: 

        </bold>Malcolm McKenna, American Museum of Natural History


<bold>>SUNDAY, MARCH 1


>A chance to mingle


>Introduction to the Museum facilities


>Division by taxonomic preference to discuss research issues in


>       Botany, Invertebrates & Microfossils, Vertebrates


>Demonstrations of the WWW and new database system.


<bold>>Questions?: </bold> Judy Scotchmoor (judys@ucmp1.berkeley.edu)


Kevin Padian

Professor and Curator

Department of Integrative Biology and Museum of Paleontology

University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-3140  USA

Phone 510-642-7434  //  Fax 510-642-1822

email  kpadian@socrates.berkeley.edu