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IMAX T. rex film

According to the Calgary Herald, the new film will be called ?T. rex:  Back to
the Cretaceous.?  It stars Peter Horton and Kari Coleman.  Horton is a
paleontologist in the film, ?whose daughter unleashes a trip back in time when
she drops a fossil egg of a tyrannosaurus rex.?

The filming in Calgary is complete, and the movie is scheduled for a fall 1998
release.  According to director Brett Leonard, ?The kinesthetic impact of this
film will be much greater than anything that?s been done in cinema.?...?You?ll
feel like you can reach out and touch them.?  The computerized dinosaurs will
be added by the special effects company L-Squared.  Visual-effects producer
Jini Dayaneni states that, ?the computer-generated imagery will be double the
work and the data that Spielberg used in his 35-mm Jurassic Park.?....?This is
70-mm film and we?ll be working a much higher resolution than has ever been
done before.?...?Everything has to be paleontologically correct.  We?re making
sure it?s true to what science knows about dinosaurs right now.?