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Re : dinosaur books

> It seems everyone so far thinks "The Complete Dinosaur" is very good.
> How would folks compare it to "Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" ed's Philip
> Currie & Kevin Padian (Academic Press)? If you were only to buy one -
> which one? I haven't seen either as yet (take a while to get to New
> Zealand) so would value some comparisions before ordering one (or both!)
> Thanks in advance,
> J.V.Russell

I have a copy of "Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs": it is really great!
References are numerous, all topics are discussed, from biometrics to
Chinle Formation! The articles are in alphabetical order, and the
Encyclopedia is very well searchable, with lots of cross-references. I do
not know if "The Complete Dinosaur" is as good as the Encyclopedia, but I
cannot imagine it would be much better. I have seen somewhere that "The
Complete Dinosaur" was better for the layman than the Encyclopedia...

Felix Landry
e-mail: forelf@internet19.fr